ADEQ offers tips to protect water quality

May 16, 2019 GMT

BULLHEAD CITY — With Arizona drinking water coming from lakes, rivers, streams and underground wells, the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality released seven ways that people can protect water quality in Arizona.

The ADEQ stated that cleaning up trash in and around waterways can improve water quality. Surface runoff can wash litter into rivers and streams, polluting the environment and harming aquatic life.

Cleaning and maintaining septic systems is the second suggestion that the ADEQ gave. Leaking septic systems can spread disease and parasites to drinking water sources, potentially harming people and animals.


The third suggestion from ADEQ is to never dump pesticides, oil, fuel or other chemicals down storm drains. Careless dumping is one of the leading causes of water pollution.

Setting up a compost pile to minimize using the garbage disposal is the fourth suggestion from the ADEQ. Food waste can overtax water treatment systems.

The fifth suggestion from the ADEQ is to never flush unwanted or expired medications down the toilet or drain. Pharmaceuticals have been detected in wastewater treatment plant effluent, potentially harming wildlife and re-entering drinking water systems where it could be hazardous to humans.

The sixth suggestion is to clean vehicles at a car wash. Car washes generally use less water per vehicle than washing vehicles at home; plus many established car washes clean and recycle water for additional use.

The last suggestion is to design a rain garden to capture runoff. Slowing the flow of water across land allows for natural infiltration of the water through the soil.

“Every drop of water is important,” said Trevor Baggiore, ADEQ water quality director, through a prepared statement. “With more than 7 million people living in the state, if each us contributes individually protecting that water, our efforts can add up to make a significant difference today and in the future.”