William Pike: Arizona needs a wall on its western border

September 2, 2018


I suggest that Arizona builds a wall on the western edge of Arizona, or on the California side of the river to prevent any more of the crazy liberals from infecting our state with some of their ideas of welfare for all and everyone gets a $500 check for doing nothing. And California must pay for the wall. Arizona could also have it’s own Coast Guard to patrol the lakes and rivers to repel the invaders and to confiscate all boats of the foreign invaders. And all California visitors must have a federal passport to enter our state and must post a non-refundable bond of $1,000 to assist in the clean up of our rivers and highways. In other words, keep Arizona green and bring money. And any Californian caught littering, will serve a five-day internment in a tent city in our desert , supervised by Sheriff Arpiao, which will give him a new job, since he is now unemployed. And if you think that this is not a joke, then I have a bridge that I will sell you.

William Pike

Lake Havasu City