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Saudi Man Alive in Morocco

September 22, 2001 GMT

RABAT, Morocco (AP) _ A graduate of a Florida flight school originally named as one of the hijackers involved in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks is living in Casablanca and training with a Moroccan airline, an official with the carrier said Saturday.

On Friday, officials at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach said the FBI told school officials that the real Waleed Alshehri is alive and talked to U.S. officials in Morocco earlier this week.

The FBI had named Alshehri as one of the hijackers on American Airlines Flight 11 out of Boston that crashed into the World Trade Center.


The FBI has said that several of the identities of the hijackers are in doubt, although they declined to comment after the aviation school announcement.

Alshehri, a native of Saudi Arabia, has been training ``for at least the last six months″ in Casablanca to become a pilot for the Moroccan carrier, said the airline official, who spoke on customary condition of anonymity.

His training with Royal Air Maroc is taking place as part of an alliance between the Moroccan airline and the Saudi national carrier, according to the source.