Crowds celebrate Fourth of July in Plattsburgh

July 5, 2017


Hundreds of people came out to celebrate the holiday in Plattsburgh.

Crowds lined the sidewalks all through the city to watch the annual parade. Fire trucks, police cruisers, ATVs and dance troops were a few of the highlights on the route that started on Bridge Street and ended at Wilcox Dock.

“Fourth of July is great. The weather is great. We’re so happy to be out of the house after all the rain that we’ve been having. There’s a lot of people downtown, a lot going on. We’re enjoying the parade and loving the good weather,” said Marsha Wilson, Plattsburgh.

This year, 43 groups registered for the parade and the theme was “Together in Music.” Live music and food vendors were all set up through town for the day and fireworks are planned for tonight at 9:30 p.m.