George Takei mistook for Yoko Ono

March 10, 2017

George Takei was mistaken for Yoko Ono on the Subway in New York.

The 79-year-old actor - who is married to long-term partner Brad Altman - wore shades in a bid to go incognito on Thursday (03.09.17), but failed tremendously when a fellow passenger on the underground train thought he was John Lennon’s widow and said “Hi Yoko” to him.

Sharing the laugh-out-loud moment with his 2.23 million followers on Twitter, he wrote: “Wearing sunglasses and a oversized hat on the subway. Trying to blend in. Someone approaches, says “Hi, Yoko!” #Failure (sic)”

The ‘Star Trek’ legend’s funny post is a break from his mainly political statements aimed at the new US President Donald Trump.

In 2015, Takei had lunch with the Republican and “challenged” his views on gay marriage, but they left disagreeing as Trump is strongly against homosexual’s marrying despite attending a friend’s ceremony.

At the time, he recalled: “I challenged him to have lunch with me so that we can discuss marriage equality.

“He did accept, and we had that lunch. When I again met him, he said, ‘You know what, George? I just came from a gay marriage’ -- he had come from a wedding of a very important Broadway personality, Jordan Roth [who wed producer Richie Jackson] ... He told me, ‘They’re good friends of mine. It was a beautiful marriage. They’re wonderful friends.’”

The ‘Mulan’ star previously said he expected his career to “fade” when he came out as gay.

Takei went public about his sexuality in 2004 when then-Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger’s decision not to sign the marriage equality bill left him “raging”.

He previously said: “When he vetoed it, I was raging. Young people poured out on to Santa Monica Boulevard, venting their fury, and here Brad and I were, comfortable at home, watching the late-night news. I said, ‘All right, I’ve had a good career,’ and I was fully prepared for it to fade.”