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June 6, 2018


CHADDS FORD, Pa. (AP) — Graduating eighth graders have received a parting gift from their Pennsylvania school: ballistic shields for their backpacks. A company that makes the bulletproof inserts gave them to students during a ceremony Monday at St. Cornelius School in Chadds Ford, outside Philadelphia. Faculty members also received the 10-by-12-inch inserts. Unequal Technologies says the shields resist many types of bullets, shotgun blasts, shrapnel and knives. However, the lightweight panels do not offer protection against high-powered rifles like the one a gunman used to kill 17 people at a Florida high school in February. The daughter of the company’s founder attends St. Cornelius. He says as students go through their high school years, the shields are “a gift that hopefully they’ll never have to use.”


CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — For the second time in three days, an elk has attacked someone in Yellowstone National Park. The National Park Service said a female elk with a calf attacked 53-year-old park visitor Penny Allyson Behr of Cypress, Texas, behind the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel. Yellowstone officials say the elk surprised Behr as she walked between cabins. Behr backed away but the elk kicked her in the head and body. Behr was taken to a hospital. Her condition wasn’t immediately released. On Sunday, a female elk with a calf kicked another woman in the head and body behind the same hotel. Park officials say they’re not sure if it’s the same elk. They say the animals aggressively defend their young.


NEW ORLEANS (AP) — The Humane Society of Louisiana says a woman found a cat’s severed head upright on the sidewalk in her New Orleans neighborhood. Society president Jeff Dorson says Victoria Marchante told him she found the black-and-white head during a walk late last week, went home briefly, and that it was gone when she returned. She it appeared deliberately placed, “like a sick trophy.” Dorson says Marchante didn’t get photos, but tells him a neighbor did. He says he plans to go door-to-door today and leave flyers asking residents to share any photos and other information they may have.


TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — Deputies say a man they found stranded on a buoy in Florida’s Tampa Bay had jumped out of his friend’s boat when its battery died and he became nervous. Video from a Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office helicopter shows divers rescuing the man Sunday night roughly 3 miles north of Beer Can Island. The sheriff’s office tells news outlets the man didn’t know how to swim and wasn’t wearing a life jacket. Deputies say the man’s friend had called 911 to report that he’d leapt from the boat and climbed the buoy. Sheriff’s office spokesman Danny Alvarez tells WFLA-TV the helicopter discovered the man clinging to the buoy using a forward-looking infrared camera. Neither man was injured


ARGENTINE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) —Two girls have found what authorities say is a First World War-era practice bomb while swimming in a lake in Michigan. The Flint Journal says 10-year-old Paige Burnett and 9-year-old Sage Menzies were searching for items below the surface of Lobdell Lake when Paige felt something unusual. The girls and Sage’s mother dragged the 3ft-long mystery find from the murky water. Paige said they were excited at first, but then got worried. She said she was “so scared” it might explode. The lake is in Genesee County’s Argentine Township, about 45 miles north west of Detroit. Michigan State Police’s bomb squad came out and drilled a hole in it, but say “nothing but mud came out”.


LAWRENCE, Kan. (AP) — A retired high school teacher who lived in a modest two-bedroom home until her death has donated $7.4 million to the University of Kansas. The school says in a news release that Lavon Brosseau’s gift will benefit students majoring in the arts, humanities and education. Brosseau said before her death in 2016 at the age of 88 that “It’s not what you get in life that’s important — it’s what you share.” The release said she was raised in a farmhouse that lacked plumbing and electricity. She taught English in Concordia and volunteered as a tutor well into her 80s. Her husband, Jack Brosseau, who co-owned a small glass company, died in 1998. The couple used their savings to buy farmland, which made up a large part of their estate.

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