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Presidential Stances on Testimony

July 16, 1998

The stances of President Clinton and the four men who preceded him on whether Secret Service agents and officers should be forced to testify on what they observe.

PRESIDENT CLINTON: Has withheld comment on the legal issue, saying he trusted his Justice Department and Treasury Department to decide what is best for the Secret Service. Those departments argue that the courts should recognize a new ``protective function privilege″ that exempts agents and officers.

GEORGE BUSH: Wrote a letter that was used as part of the Clinton administration court case saying he would not have wanted Secret Service agents guarding him to be compelled to testify.

RONALD REAGAN: Has not given an opinion on the issue.

JIMMY CARTER: Has said Secret Service personnel should give testimony in criminal cases.

GERALD FORD: Also has said Secret Service should testify in criminal cases.

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