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Excerpts from Sen. Bob Packwood’s diaries, released by the

September 8, 1995 GMT

Excerpts from Sen. Bob Packwood’s diaries, released by the Senate Ethics Committee:

June 1989.

``The American Iron and Steel Institute was in to lobby me for an extension of the voluntary restraints on steel. I let them in because (lobbyist) Ron Crawford now represents them. Boy if this isn’t a group of overweight, stand pat, white, past middle age pedestrian men, I’ve never seen it. No wonder the steel industry is in bad shape.″


April 1990.

Businessman ``Tim Lee picked me up in a beautiful ivory-white 1967 Mercedes SX-280 convertible with the top down... God, if you were to cruise Broadway in this thing you could pick up anything you wanted.″


February 1992. Packwood was worried about his primary, and credits an adviser with a ``brilliant″ idea to avoid a disclaimer on negative TV ads.

``The first 28 seconds are anti-(name deleted) or pro-Packwood. It doesn’t matter. And then you have a sort of a black and white to indicate it’s the end (of) one and the start of the other ad ... at the end it says `paid for by People for Packwood’ but there’s a disconnect and people don’t know you paid for the first ad also.″


March 1992. Packwood wrote that his top aide, Elaine Franklin, ``has been talking to me privately about independent expenditures. Apparently the Auto Dealers are willing to do some spending against (name deleted). Of course we can’t know anything about it. (name deleted)’s going to do it. We’ve got to destroy any evidence we’ve ever had of (name deleted) so that we have no connection with any independent expenditure.″


Packwood wrote in October 1992 that a National Rifle Association representative came to his office to show him a negative ad the NRA had prepared against his opponent. ``I cannot tell you how tough it is,″ Packwood wrote of the ad. ``God, things are going in the right direction today.″


November 1989. Packwood is with someone he identifies as ``Staffer 1″ or ``S-1:″

``And we sat in the office. She is a very sexy thing. Bright eyes and hair and that ability to shift her hips. ... We gradually drank and talked. ...

``I finally said to her, `S-1, would you like to dance?′ She says, `I’d love to.′ So I slipped around the side of this gigantic desk and we danced. ... Well, I won’t bore you with all of the details of the evening. S-1 and I made love, and she has the most stunning figure _ big breasts. She is not my kid (sic) of woman in that sense of the ... (there are dashes, then a blank here) They stand at attention. You can certainly tell man from woman. But just as I was about to insert I said, `S-1 I love (blank).′ She said, `Then, please put it in.′ Needless to say, I did not stop myself. We finished. We lay on the floor and talked for maybe another hour and a half.″

``She says, `You have no idea the hold you have over people.′ I said, `What is it?′ She says, `Well, I think it’s your hair _ the way (blank) combs it.′ And we both laughed. ... Now bear in mind this is an hour and a half after we’ve made love and we’re still both nude and lying on the rug. What I didn’t know until later _ get this _ is that (blank) and (blank) were still there in the outer office and they simply left us alone. I had locked the door, thank God, but by noon tomorrow, (blank) will know S-1 was with me for the better part of the evening.

``S-1 and I were in there for three hours. Made love once. Got up and danced after we made love, lied back down on the floor, had another glass of wine _ the wine was in the office. I rather enjoyed it in the sense it wasn’t wham bam, thank you ma’am ...″


On June 11, 1992, he details an incident with ``Staffer 2.″ It begins with, ``Had some of the staff in for wine.″ Then:

``S-2 gave me a ride home and I asked her if she wanted to go to dinner. (She says yes) ... Now we’re talking about sex. Poor old S-2 hasn’t had much of a sexual relationship ... She had two or three glasses at the office and she had five glasses at dinner and she started talking about this guy she’s been going with for seven years and none of us know it.

Packwood then relates a tale S-2 tells about her boyfriend two-timing her, and after some comments on that, Packwood recounts: ``But I said, S-2, wait a minute. You and I have made love maybe six or seven times. She says, `At the most.′ I said, `Well, six or seven times, and you were telling me then that you maybe made love once a year. I was feeling sorry for you and thinking I was doing my Christian duty by making love to you. Rather enjoyable,′ I said, `but my Christian duty and it turns out you’re banging this guy three times a week for seven years. ...″


December 1992, after The Washington Post broke the story alleging sexual misconduct:

``Well, we’re going to take these things one at a time, just try to get by the swearing in on Tuesday. So long as they don’t expel me, I don’t care if they want to fine me. I’ll pay it. I don’t care if they want to reprimand me and censure me. I will do my job. Let me get through these six years and get my pension.″