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Five interesting facts about Christmas cards

December 4, 2018 GMT

They originated in England

In 1843, an English civil servant named Sir Henry Cole started selling Christmas cards, something unheard of at the time. He arranged to print a batch of 50, and they sold so quickly, he ordered 2,000 more.

Custom spread quickly

The practice of exchanging Christmas cards spread quickly, and reached the United States around 1875.

Many companies involved

We have all heard of Hallmark, but it is hardly the only company which makes Christmas cards. The Greeting Card Association says more than 3,000 companies publish greeting cards in the United States.


It can be a profitable venture

Christmas cards account for about $2.25 billion in annual sales.

Coolidge 1st president to take part

President Calvin Coolidge sent out the first official White House Christmas greeting to the nation in 1927, penning a card on White House stationary that was reproduced in newspapers around the country.