Wisconsin teen accused of killing ex-girlfriend, shooting her mother

May 14, 2019 GMT

A 15-year-old in Wisconsin accused of killing his ex-girlfriend and shooting her mother is being charged as an adult.

Prosecutors say 15-year-old Kaylie Juga’s ex-boyfriend, Martice Fuller, broke into her home last week and shot and killed her while she was was listening to music in her bedroom. The teenager is being held on a $1 million bond.

Juga’s mother, who is now out of the hospital, said she was upstairs when she heard her daughter scream.

In an off-camera interview, she said she came face-to-face with Fuller and that, when he pointed the gun at her, she said, “You don’t have to do this.”


He told her, “Yes I have to,” she said.

She also told authorities she attempted to shut the door and was shot multiple times. At that point, she locked herself in a bathroom and called 911.

Friends and family are doing what they can to show Juga’s parents and siblings they are not alone in their grief.

A GoFundMe page for the family has surpassed $40,000, and people and restaurants are also signing up to deliver meals to their door up until the end of July. Juga’s mother said she has been in tears opening packages at their door and that she can’t believe so many people care.

“It’s amazing that everyone is being so supportive,” said Sarah Schmitt, a neighbor.

Fuller’s defense argues there’s no physical evidence linking him to the crimes and say he has never been in trouble before. He is due back in court on May 24.