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REALTOR OF THE WEEK Finck a real problem-solver in real estate

October 21, 2018 GMT

Ron Finck, a Realtor with Beth Wolff Realtors Real Living, brings many skills to the table, but there is more.

Buying or selling real estate can be stressful, with many decisions, often challenges, delays, or questions with the contracts, inspections, etc.

With Finck’s past work experience in executive positions such as chief executive officer, he is a respected problem-solver. He is also a skilled negotiator, with extensive market knowledge, and he is practical. However, it is his very soothing, calming and caring voice that puts people at ease in any situation. He has one of those voices that people want to hear, and respond to.

Finck and his family moved to Houston eight years ago when he accepted a CEO position with a trading/commodities company. Even though he is a young 53, he began looking at retirement and decided playing golf every day was not the answer.

“I have always had a passion for real estate and been interested in it as an investment. So, I finally decided to take the leap and obtained my license. Real estate is a much more stable investment than commodities. Plus, I love people and want to be able to help them with one of the largest purchases most will make,” Finck said.

Finck grew up on a farm in Illinois, and went into agricultural commodities, requiring a great deal of research and market analysis. Moreover, in this career, his negotiation, marketing, communication, problem-solving skills, and meeting people’s goals hit the expert level. And all of these skills transferred smoothly into real estate, benefiting his clients.

He is known for his caring nature, and being personable, a sincere people person, an excellent listener, service oriented, and wanting to make sure his clients’ goals and needs are met.

“The real estate industry is changing, and the number of pieces of the transaction puzzle continues to grow, so it is more important now than ever to work with a professional real estate agent to make your experience is the best possible,” Finck said.

Working with Beth Wolff Realtors Real Living, all agents such as Finck have the benefit of Beth and Ed Wolff’s experience and guidance. Beth continues to be involved with the daily operations and is there for her Realtors.

“Beth Wolff Realtors is celebrating their 40th anniversary this year, and I’d like to wish them a Happy Anniversary. It is a pleasure to work with such an experienced and caring team,” Finck said.