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Soviet MiG-29 Fighters Make Western Debut

July 2, 1986 GMT

HELSINKI, Finland (AP) _ Six MiG-29 planes, examples of the latest generation of Soviet jetfighters, arrived at an airport in eastern Finland to go on display for the first time in the West.

The MiG-29s, codenamed ″Fulcrum″ in the West, arrived at the Rissala airport on Tuesday on a four-day official visit, Finnish Army headquarters said.

Previously, the MiG-29 had been seen only in drawings in the West.

Military experts say the plane is capable of speeds of up to 1,500 mph, and that it is capable of intercepting ″low flying targets″ such as cruise missiles. They compare it to the U.S. F-16 fighter.

In 1982 the Soviets also chose Rissala to unveiled the MiG-23 jet fighter. Finland later purchased several MiG-23s to fill out its two squadrons of Swedish-made Draken fighters.