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Top Overseas Press Club Award To Gannett News Service Reporter

April 20, 1988

NEW YORK (AP) _ A Gannett News Service reporter won the top prize in the annual Overseas Press Club Awards for coverage of the AIDS crisis.

Margaret Ellen Hale was awarded the Hal Boyle Award for daily newspaper or wire service reporting for her story, ″AIDS: A Killer Stalks the Globe.″ The award is named for the famed World War II correspondent for The Associated Press.

Other Overseas Press Club Awards announced Tuesday were for coverage of the Middle East, South Africa and Haiti. CBS News was the biggest winner, taking away three prizes.

The prizes, announced prior to the club’s annual awards dinner, each carry a $1,000 honorarium.

The other awards:

-The Bob Considine Award for best foreign news interpretation: The Wall Street Journal (Karen Elliott House, Youssef Ibrahim, Philip Rezvin, Barbara Rosewicz, James Paul Sterba and Lee Lescaze) for ″Islam on the Move.″

-The Robert Capa Gold Medal for best photographic coverage from abroad requiring exceptional courage and enterprise: Janet Knott, The Boston Globe, for ″Democracy: What Price?″

-The Olivier Rebbot Award for best photographic reporting from abroad for magazines and books: Sebastiao Salgado, The New York Times Magazine, for ″An Epic Struggle for Gold.″

-Best photographic reporting from abroad in newspapers or wire services: Gary Porter, The Milwaukee Journal, for ″Empty Cradles: The Global Tragedy of Child Mortality.″

-The Ben Grauer Award for best radio spot news from abroad: CBS Radio News (Allen Pizzey, Richard Wagner, Dan Raviv and Doug Tennell) for Persian Gulf coverage.

-The Lowell Thomas Award for best radio interpretation or documentary on foreign affairs: CBS News (Dan Raviv, Allen Pizzey and Doug Tennell) for ″Newsmark: Patroling the Gulf.″

-Best television spot news reporting from abroad: NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw (Brian Ross, Ira Silverman and William Wheatley Jr.) for Ross’ international drug investigations.

-The Edward R. Murrow Award for best television interpretation or documentary on foreign affairs: Brian Ellis and Walter Cronkite, CBS News for ″CBS Reports: Children of Apartheid.″

-The Ed Cunningham Award for best magazine reporting from abroad: David Zucchino, The Philadelphia Inquirer, for ″Smothering the Flames of Black Revolution.″

-The Hallie and Whit Burnett Award for best general magazine article on foreign affairs: Time Magazine (Strobe Talbott, James O. Jackson, John Kohan, Ken Olsen, Thomas A. Sancton and Walter Isaacson) for ″Gorbachev’s Revolution.″

-Best cartoon of foreign affairs: Herbert Block, The Washington Post, for assorted cartoons.

-The Morton Frank Award for best business or economic reporting from abroad in magazines: Business Week (Larry Armstrong, Barbara Buell, Michael Berger, Amy Borrus, Neil Gross, Steven Dryden, William Holstein, William Glasgall and Robert Dowling) for ″Japan: Remaking a Nation.″

-Best business or economic reporting from abroad for newspapers or wire services: James Allen Flanery, Omaha World-Herald, for ″World Agriculture: Growing Pains.″

-The Cornelius Ryan Award for best book on foreign affairs: Raymond Bonner, Times Books, for ″Waltzing With a Dictator: The Marcoses and the Making of American Policy.″

-The Madeline Dane Ross Award for the foreign correspondent showing a concern for the human condition: Joseph Albright, Marcia Kunstel and Rick McKay of Cox Newspapers for ″Stolen Childhood.″

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