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Beaver Dam Community Hospital opens new movement and orthopedics clinic

October 24, 2018 GMT

Beaver Dam Community Hospital’s new clinic is up and running.

The Institute for Movement and Orthopedics brings together orthopedics, rehabilitation services and other specialties that used to be in separate parts of the hospital campus, allowing for diagnosis and recovery of conditions causing pain and limiting mobility in the same space.

The hospital will host an open house for the new clinic, accessible through the main entrance at 707 S. University Ave., Thursday from 3:30-7 p.m.

The hospital spent a few years planning for the new clinic and began 14,300-square-foot renovations in what used to be an eye clinic. Patients will have access to orthopedic surgeons and physician assistants, sports medicine professionals, podiatry services, rehab specialists and more in the new clinic.

“It’s really come to fruition,” said Dr. Robert Seipel, an orthopedics doctor. “It’s been one of the best collaborative efforts I’ve been involved with.”

The clinic has been open to patients for about a month and includes a new physical therapy gym.

“It’s an effort to have a place where the community patients can come and get all of their care, all of their musculoskeletal care, in one area,” Seipel said. “It really allows us to collaborate with the therapists as we see patients, either non-operative or operative, to be able to collaborate with them in more of a physical sense instead of just reading an electronic medical records.”

Seipel said he’s gone to the therapy gym while physical therapists have been into the doctors’ offices. Patients can even come out of physical therapy and make appointments with a doctors in the same reception area.

Linda Klinger, the director of rehabilitation services and wellness, was part of the planning process.

“It’s been important to me and the organization and the other stakeholders that as we planned it that we created a space that’ll have a great experience for our patients,” she said.

The hospital says it is in the only in the area offering these kinds of services.

“The Institute for Movement and Orthopedics is part of our commitment to providing a comprehensive array of services that allow our patients to receive quality, compassionate care close to home,” Kim Miller, the president and CEO of the hospital, said in a statement.