2nd Cincinnati policeman reprimanded for using racial slur

December 29, 2018

CINCINNATI (AP) — After suspending a white officer’s police powers for using a racial slur during a black woman’s arrest last weekend, Cincinnati’s police chief has similarly reprimanded a black officer for using the word while dealing with a family in September.

Chief Eliot Isaac told city leaders the black officer’s case came to his attention amid an internal investigation after the white officer’s comments. Both incidents were recorded on body-worn cameras and are being investigated.

Isaac says he didn’t have all the facts when he previously OK’d a written reprimand for the black officer, Donte Hill.

The local police union president, Dan Hils, tells The Cincinnati Enquirer officers often hear the slur on the street but “there is no place for it in a professional capacity.”

Isaac says such language is unacceptable.

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