ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: Aidan Drouse - Scranton Swimming

February 19, 2018

Aidan Drouse - Scranton swimming

The junior swimmer earned a pair of individual gold medals in the 200-yard freestyle and 100 backstroke, and helped the Knights to two relay victories at the Les Richards Championship swim meet. He also had four wins in a loss to Abington Heights.

Age: 17

Family: Mom, Marcia Johnson; dad, David Drouse; brother, Nick.

Athletes you admire: Michael Phelps and Aaron Rodgers.

Do you take anything from Phelps? I definitely watch some of his swimming and try to mimic it sort of in the pool. I’ve also watched countless interviews and kind of how he’s able to respond to some of the things he’s done. I’ve learned from that also, not just in the pool but how he deals with some things that really haven’t been in his favor outside the pool.

Obviously you were happy to get four golds, but you said you weren’t completely happy with the times you put up at the Les Richards Championship swim meet. I always put high goals in my mind before I swim because I don’t want to get to a point where I’m satisfied with my time. I always want to be trying to achieve better. I wanted to do better than I did at prelims, but I was able to do better at prelims because there were so many heats and I had rest in between. I’m just looking forward to districts now and staying 100 percent focused on that.

How are you preparing and what are you looking to accomplish at districts? I’ve got to better psychologically prepare myself because it’s tough my junior season because I’m emailing college coaches and stuff. It’s kind of my most important season. So, I’ve just got to get myself better mentally prepared and stay calm and not get too anxious before the race.