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Taking a Stand Against ROE Act

April 13, 2019 GMT

Recently, New York state legalized abortion up to birth including infanticide.

Legislation pending in Massachusetts called the ROE Act (An Act to Remove Obstacles and Expand Abortion Access) would do the same.

Thus, abortion up to birth would be legalized for virtually any reason. Furthermore, if a baby survives the abortion attempt, the ROE Act would allow the baby to die.

Picture your child or grandchild being killed during the mother’s labor and then picture that infant being left to die if “accidentally” born alive.

But that’s not all. The ROE Act would allow a 13-year-old to procure an abortion without parental consent and even without a judge’s consent, which is currently the case with the “judicial bypass” option. No adult need be involved except, perhaps, the adult who impregnated her. Moreover, non-physicians would be allowed to perform abortions and facilities would be shielded from being held to basic medical-safety standards. Abortions could be performed on victims of sex trafficking and women suffering from coercion. Sex selection abortion would be allowed by the ROE. It is typically the female baby that is discarded. And this legislation is purportedly pro-woman!

If you don’t agree with the hideous ROE Act you still have to pay for it; taxpayer funding for abortion would be expanded.

Massachusetts law currently allows abortion up to 24 weeks. This is shameful enough since babies born at 24 weeks can almost routinely survive with appropriate care.

If you don’t want abortion on demand to expand up to the time of birth, including infanticide, it is time to contact state legislators to let them know.