Ex-deputy, minister sentenced in sexual assault of a child probation case

February 25, 2019 GMT

A former Harris County Sheriff’s Office deputy and church minister was sentenced on Friday to 12 years in prison after a judge ruled he violated his probation in a sexual assault of a child case.

Deshun Jay Foster-Smith, 41, had entered a plea bargain after he was indicted for having sexual contact in 2012 with a girl in the church he ministered. After buying the girl school clothes, he asked her to repay his “generosity with an illicit act” in 2011, according to the Liberty County District Attorney’s Office.

Liberty County District Attorney Logan Pickett was notified by Foster-Smith’s probation officer that he had violated several of the conditions of his defered adjudication, according to the news release.


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Pickett filed a motion to revoke probation and showed evidence to presiding Judge Chap Cain in the 253rd district court that these violations included contact with minors, failure to attend sex offender counseling and having access to unapproved cable TV.

The girl in Foster-Smith’s guilty plea testified about her experience with him to Cain, the release stated.

“Foster-Smith violated the honor of his badge and his pulpit and will spend at least six years in prison as a result,” a statement from the District Attorney’s Office read.



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