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Graffiti artist vandalizes Rexburg Water Tower

March 13, 2019 GMT

REXBURG — A death defying graffiti artist scaled a Rexburg water tower on South Second East possibly on Friday.

“A person without authorization trespassed city property and tagged the words ’Save Ferris,” said Rexburg Police in their report on Tuesday.

In order to have done so, the individual had to scale a fence while carrying black paint or spray paint and scaled the tower that is 116 feet high.

The “Save Ferris” may have been a reference to a “ska punk band” out of California that goes by that name. The name is in reference to the popular 1986 movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” reports the band’s web page.

The group recently released a new album.

“Great news! After the 20 plus years of the bands’ existence, Save Ferris is releasing our first live record ever,” said the band on its web page.

The graffiti caught the attention of Rexburg passerby who stopped to take pictures.

If anyone has any information on who may be responsible for what’s turned out to be an advertisement for the band, they’re asked to call the Rexburg Police Department at 208-359-3000.