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Business owner brightens up downtown Aiken with flower shop

July 9, 2018 GMT

Katherine Slayton fell in love with flowers when she started working in her father’s florist shop in her 20s.

“I fell hook, line, and sinker in love with it,” Slayton said. “Not just with watching the whole flower process, but with being an entrepenuer.”

Slayton owns the shop Katherine By Design on Laurens Street in downtown Aiken. They do online orders, walk-ins, and occasionally sell flowers in the Thursday Market in the Alley.

“I love meeting all the people that come by,” Slayton said. “They come from everywhere, and I love finding out why they’re here and what they’ve done with their lives.”

Slayton is from North Carolina, but has lived in Aiken for a number of years. She owned a flower shop in Lake Normand for 12 years, and then went on to work in the assisted living industry for 15 years prior to opening Katherine By Design.

Slayton says the favorite part of what she does is the design aspect of her job and the relationships she makes with her customers.

“I love meeting people, helping people,” she said. “Whether it’s love, or sympathy, hospital, or whatever.”

“I love people’s faces when they come through the door, and they’re not expecting it,” Slayton’s driver and assistant Matt Thompson said about the flower shop.

Slayton provides custom, hand-crafted bouquet arrangements for any occasion. The flowers come from US, overseas, and local growers. She is currently selling bundles of sunflowers grown in Batesburg, South Carolina.

Katherine By Design is located at 145 Laurens Street in Downtown Aiken. Her website can be found at katherinebydesign.com.