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Orchids and Onions: Friday, December 28, 2018

December 28, 2018 GMT

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to the speed trap on S. McCulloch. Who was the brain behind this move? Thanks but no thanks.

Orchids to Shirley Gurney. Without any compensation, she always has the waitresses scheduled in a timely manner, unlike the kitchen at the club. Someone needs to take a lesson from her. Maybe things would run a little smoother!

Onions to the onion giver regarding the over-sized barrels not being out-of-sight. The residents are not “either too lazy or too stupid”, but unlike some snotty people with huge houses, don’t have anywhere to put them. If you want to provide storage sheds to everyone, sign me up, otherwise don’t look.


Orchids to Angela who works in the housewares and bedding department at Dillard’s. She consistently provides exemplary customer service. Thank you!

Onions to the new little phonebook, inside it says every precaution is taken to avoid errors but right on the cover you have a photo of a female Chuckwalla not a desert Iguana.

Orchids to Kim Lehmann and all the musicians of the Symphonic Winds for a wonderful Christmas concert on Sunday! The clarinet piece was very special and so was the song by Nick. The whole performance was really enjoyable. Keep up the good work, we’ll be attending future concerts!

Onions to the business using a motion sensor to turn on restroom lights. I was sitting in the only stall for a short time when the room went dark. Because of a bum leg, I was in no condition to stand and move around to reactivate. Couldn’t locate the TP or tricky door latch. Fix it!

Orchids to Safeway for having grocery rewards in addition to gas rewards. Love their Just for U savings. It’s a fun challenge every week to see how much I can save!

Onions to taxpayers paying for the Sun’s Stadium. Let the millionaire athletes pay 10 percent of their earnings to build a place to play, and it will be a tax deduction for them. WP

Onions to the person that will see us in court for having our dogs in our lap when we’re driving. This is not California; it is not illegal.

Orchids to the Lake Havasu High School Choir members who collected 474 pounds of food for the local food pantry!

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