Todd Peterson: Response to editorial on transgenders in the military

August 6, 2017 GMT

Time to man the broom and sweep up the newest batch of road apples. The July 28 editorial, “President Betrays American Soldiers,” was a breathtaking piece of puffery. Gentle readers, it’s time for a reset.

President Trump’s ban on transgendered soldiers reversing a 13-month old policy that transgendered soldiers could serve openly was trashed as though it were reestablishing racial segregation in public schools again. Hearst Connecticut and the rest of America’s Liberal Elite regard those with conservative/traditionalist beliefs as a colony of inbred, paint-huffing Neanderthals who can’t spell the word science much less embrace it.

For proper perspective on the transgender issue I have found Walter Heyer to be the gold standard.

At the age of 4, Mr. Heyer started feeling gender confusion due to unhealthy behavior and treatment from his grandmother. Abuse from other family members caused a downward spiral eventually leading to his getting gender reassignment surgery at 43, even though he was married with two children and a successful career.

His sense of relief was short lived. Ultimately, while serving an internship at a psychiatric hospital he got multiple medical opinions that he had dissociative disorder. Consequently, he transitioned back to living as a man. When he confronted the gender psychologist who encouraged the initial transition, the doctor ultimately admitted that his recommendation was a mistake.

Mr. Heyer’s situation was far from an isolated incident.

The results of a 2003 survey in the uber-tolerant Netherlands found that major mood disorders, dissociative disorders, and psychotic disorders are present in 79 percent of transgenders.

A 2014 study found 62.7 percent of patients diagnosed with gender dysphoria had at least one co-occurring disorder with 33 percent found to have major depressive disorders, which are linked to suicidal ideation.

Another 2014 study of transgender individuals in four European countries found almost 70 percent of participants showing one or more Axis I disorders, mainly affective (mood) disorders and anxiety. A 2010 study found that 41 percent of transgendered Americans had attempted suicide.

Heyer currently writes, lectures and compassionately mentors those with transgender regret. In an article for “The Federalist” he wrote, “Through many years of therapy, I began to see that gender dysphoria had been my survival mechanism to cope with intense emotional pain...Unhealthy coping behaviors are signs of underlying psychological damage. Who but the psychologically damaged would go to such lengths to eradicate who they are in name, appearance, and gender so they could pretend to be someone they are not?”

In his most recent Federalist column he wrote, “The compassionate thing to do for a transgender soldier would be to keep him or her from the military then provide expert care to help resolve the underlying psychological issues that often give rise to gender distress. The cruel thing, both to the soldier and his or her unit, would be to put other people’s lives into the hands of such a tender, distressed person.”

Military service is a privilege, not a perk, for whoever feels like they’re entitled to enjoy its benefits. And it is most certainly not a “safe space” for troubled people in need of professional help.

Unfortunately, the psychiatric community has failed these people by embracing the radically flawed practice of gender reassignment. That is the real betrayal in this equation. Hearst Connecticut is once again displaying its Trump Derangement Syndrome in full glory while traditional Americans collectively roll our eyes.

If we’re interested in dealing with a real betrayal of America’s soldiers we need only look at the Obama Administration’s management of the Veteran’s Administration (VA).

After inheriting an ineffective VA from the Bush 44 Administration, Mr. Obama had eight years to get the right people on board and right the ship. Tragically, that didn’t happen.

Fourteen million of America’s 21 million veterans don’t use the VA because they have the means not to. The remaining 7 million often ended up on waiting lists suffering and dying because there was no will to fix a bureaucratic monolith. That is the real betrayal.

Editorials like we saw on July 28 just reinforce the reasons why Americans view the legacy media with increasing scorn and cynicism. Unfortunately, I don’t see that tide turning anytime soon.

Todd Peterson is a resident of Washington Depot.