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Church’s Teachings Outweigh Failure of Humans

March 13, 2019 GMT

I’ve noticed a flurry of news reports lately concerning the child sex abuse crisis in the Catholic Church. Looking back through previous letters to the editor I found one I wrote on the same subject dated March 5, 2013. Both instances seem to occur around the beginning of Lent, but maybe that is just a coincidence.

Also recently I’ve gotten reports of long-time Catholics using this latest news as a reason to leave the church. I must admit I cannot blame their shock and dismay at the revelation that church leaders high up in the hierarchy were found culpable of committing these acts themselves or covering them up. Most of the actual crimes were committed in the last century and that as of 2002 the church in America has put many safeguards in place.

I’d like to pose the following comparison. It is pretty common knowledge that there are scandals and corruption in government, some of them significant and costly to taxpayers or potentially damaging to our standing in the world. Yet, I don’t think anyone has actually renounced their American citizenship or moved to another country over them.

So, if you believe that the church instituted by Jesus holds the truths that lead to eternal salvation, why would you abandon her now? Despite the failings of some of its leaders it is still the depository of faith, truth and love, and its basic teachings on morality have not changed in 2,000 years.