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Fun theme helps make party better

December 17, 2018 GMT

2019 is just around the corner, and I am excitedly looking forward to New Year’s parties with my friends.

Since everyone is preparing for parties of their own, I would like to share my favorite teen-friendly party ideas to inspire your celebrations.

First of all, parties are made even better with a set theme. For example, last year my friends held a “Great Gatsby”-themed party. We dressed up in fancy dresses and suits, and some even attended in modest flapper dresses. The decorations were gold and shiny, and everything looked very fancy even though it was low-budget. Choosing a fun and interactive theme can spice up the party and give everyone something to laugh or talk about together.


Also, no one can forget the food. Who doesn’t love going to a party that has tons of good food and snacks?

I suggest always having bite-sized snacks, and they can be super simple. For example, spinach-artichoke or pizza dip, or any flavor of tortilla pinwheels. Pinterest has tons of cute and easy ideas for any theme or any flavor, so I would suggest taking a look there for interesting recipes, or taking a chance by randomly searching Google.

Lastly, games! Who could forget the part of the night that brings everyone together with laughter and friendly competition. New Year’s Eve is a great night to break out the dusty board games, such as Pictionary or Apples to Apples.

One of my personal favorites is a game called tele-pictionary. It is basically a mix between pictionary and telephone, but there is no talking allowed! Each person is given a stack of small papers, and writes a sentence on the top slip and passes it to the next person, who must draw a picture of the sentence on the next slip of paper. After that, the stacks are passed to the next person, who can only view the picture and must write a sentence about what they think is happening in the picture. The next person is only allowed to view that sentence to draw a picture and so on.

The stories, and confusion, build up as the papers are passed around and everyone has gotten a chance to add to each pile of pictures and sentences. In the end, everyone has a hilarious illustrated story to read to the rest of the table.