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Letter: Cameron loyal supporter of the Crown

February 9, 2018

Cameron loyal supporter of the CrownUsually when I see Jim Cameron’s headline I roll my eyes and mutter “Sheesh, here we go again.”It always seems that Jim’s primary goal is to get everyone out of their cars and on to public transportation no matter what. His opening line in his last column (“Drivers need to pay their fair share,” Conn. Post, Feb. 5) was “Am I the only person in the State who thinks Gov. Dannel Malloy’s plan for tolls and gas taxes makes sense? Probably.”His question and answer are telling in so many ways but let’s concentrate on just one which is that the state has sovereignty over the people no matter what their desires or needs. The state knows how to spend your money better than you do because the state is wiser than you. That’s Liberalism 101.His response to “roads should be free” is, where in the Constitution does it say that?Okay, Jim, where in the Constitution does it say the state can put up stop signs at intersections? Where in the Constitution does it say that a state can spend more money than it brings in?Where in the Constitution does it say that a state can financially punish people out of their private automobiles in order to get them coerced onto public transportation? I’ll be over here on the edge of my seat waiting for your answers.If Jim Cameron is, by his own admission, the only person in Connecticut who supports tolls and higher taxes then I can only surmise that in 1775 Mr. Cameron would have been labeled a staunch Tory and a loyal supporter of the Crown.Kim RasemanMilford