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Small Satellites show grit in scrimmage vs. bigger Knox

August 11, 2018 GMT

UNION MILLS — With a roster of just 24 players and practices that featured very little physical contact, second-year South Central coach Buzz Schoff was simply hoping that his Satellites could effectively run the offensive and defensive plays in Friday night’s scrimmage against Knox.

Not only did South Central hold its own against a 58-man strong Redskin squad, the team scored more touchdowns, and was especially effective in the red zone behind some seasoned Satellite varsity players.

Three-year varsity quarterback and senior Kyle Schmack was directly involved in two of the team’s five touchdowns – connecting with Zack Christy from 10 yards out, and on a keeper touchdown, while three-year senior starter Jackson Meloy scored twice on runs up the middle.

Junior back Jake Osburn recorded the other touchdown for South Central, whose defense gave up four touchdowns, but held its ground enough to please Schoff.

“With having the number of kids we have, we count on them all to do a lot of things,” Schoff said. “Coming out here and being able to align right, run the offense we wanted to run, and set up the defense that gave us the ability to tackle, I have to be pleased with tonight’s effort.

“I was pleased with how my kids came out and did what they were able to do. We can’t do a whole lot of live action in practice, because if one guy goes down, we’re hurting even worse. This is the first time our guys have hit a live target this season. To take a team like Knox and play well, I’m pleased with that.”

The Satellites, who will be called on to do the most this season on both sides of the ball – Schmack and Meloy – will enter their second season playing under Schoff, and displayed the kind of skill Friday night that will be expected throughout the season.

“Kyle and Jackson make a lot happen for us,” Schoff said. “We have a lot of guys back with two and three years of varsity experience. We also have some big holes from kids that graduated last year, which are being filled by underclassmen who have stepped up. We’re making strides.

“With 24 guys, it has to be fun, but it also has been productive. That’s how we go about things every day. All 24 guys have bought into that and understand that. Hopefully, we can get more guys to come out and play football for us.”

Schmack said he’s looking forward to the challenge of guiding a small, but relatively-seasoned team into his final year of varsity football.

“This is probably one of the most athletic groups that we’ve had,” Schmack said. “We know how to run this offense well. It’s kind of a runoff of what we did in my sophomore year, and it worked well tonight against kids who were bigger than us.

“We scored a bunch of times in the red zone. It definitely felt nice to go out tonight and actually hit other people.”