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Warmus Gives First Public Interview Since Conviction

August 2, 1993

NEW YORK (AP) _ In her first public interview since her conviction, so-called ″Fatal Attraction″ murderer Carolyn Warmus insisted she was framed for the killing of her lover’s wife.

″I can’t fathom how having an affair with a married man has gotten me 25 years to life in a maximum security prison in New York state,″ Warmus said in the interview scheduled to air tonight on the ABC News TV show ″Day One.″

Warmus, a former Westchester County schoolteacher, was convicted last year of firing nine shots into Betty Jeanne Solomon, wife of Paul Solomon. A previous trial in 1991 ended in a hung jury.

The prosecution said her motive was to eliminate the wife of her lover. Warmus claims she was framed and is now waiting for a judge to decide whether she can be retried based on new physical evidence.

On the afternoon of the murder in 1989, Warmus said she called Solomon at his home and talked to him for an hour. Mrs. Solomon was watching television in the living room. Hours later she was shot to death.

Later that evening, Solomon and Warmus met for dinner and had sex in her car.

″I know that I had no information ... that she was dead,″ Warmus said of that meeting. ″I can only surmise that Paul did.″

Solomon later called police after he said he came home and found his wife dead.

The case was likened to the movie ″Fatal Attraction.″ A TV movie based on the Warmus story aired last year.

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