Florence’s first cannabidiol store opens Wednesday

January 1, 2019 GMT

FLORENCE, S.C. — The first store in the Pee Dee to exclusively sell retail products made from cannabidiol is set to open in Florence.

The CBD Store, located at 2405-J Second Loop Road in Florence, will celebrate its grand opening Wednesday.

Some natural food markets and e-cigarette and vape stores offer CBD oil, but owners Eugene & Ashley Jacobs say the CBD Store experience will be completely different.

“You’re going to get a more hands-on experience in our stores,” they said in a news release.

Unlike other CBD oil retailers, this store won’t carry any other products. The CBD Store will offer all-natural pain-relieving creams, anti-anxiety capsules and even solubles to make your dog stop crying during thunderstorms.


Cannabis has become a hot topic in South Carolina as the first hemp harvest season in the state nears. The Jacobs said they are looking to capitalize on that interest to bust stigmas and offer people “an alternative” to prescription drugs and opioids.

Jacobs said that CBD oil is a compound found in hemp and usually has low levels of THC, meaning those who take it won’t get “high.” The products sold at The CBD Store have no THC.

“We are offering the health without the high,” Eugene said.

Customers can expect assistance when looking through all of the products. The CBD Store will also give a sample and educational materials for those who don’t know much about CBD oil.

All products can be used to help with anxiety, chronic pain, depression and other ailments, Jacobs said.

“Often customers who go into one of our stores ‘as a last resort’ rave about how effective the treatment was in relieving arthritis pain and other kinds of inflammation,” the release said. “The store also keeps results from a third-party lab that tests products for quality and purity, so customers can be sure they are getting the good stuff.”

The industrial hemp is grown in Evergreen, Colorado, turned into CBD products, tested in a lab, packaged in Bradenton, Florida, and shipped to the stores.

Because CBD oil is not FDA-approved, it is not tightly regulated, which opens the door for fake, diluted products to make it onto the market. Jacobs said he and his team combat this by being transparent about the chain of custody of their products.