Creekside Bistro final plan, shared parking plan recommended

April 7, 2018

SPEARFISH — The plan for a new restaurant, Creekside Bistro, on the mixed-use commercial development off of North Avenue and Yukon Place in Spearfish, The Village at Creekside, is moving forward.

The Spearfish Planning Commission Tuesday recommended approval for the development review district final plan and shared parking plan for Creekside Bistro, to be located on Lot 1 in The Village at Creekside, which was annexed into the city in 2009; rezoned from agriculture to development review district in 2016; and has lots ranging in size from .49 acres to 1.53 acres.

“The proposal is for a bistro that will complement the nearby mixed use environment that will soon include offices, a micro-brewery, and open space uses,” the staff report, dated April 3, states. The site plan shows one building on the lot, with sidewalk access to Spearfish Creek, which is adjacent to the lot, and vehicular access would be from Yukon Place.

The applicant, Mike Stanley of Stanley Design Group, for Pangburn Enterprises, describes that the proposed 4,200-square-foot building is a revival of the original large barn that once stood on the property. It would be board and batten style siding, painted white, and a seasonal lattice-type structure labeled the Corn Crib would enable seasonal outdoor use of the area overlooking Spearfish Creek, the staff report states, conforming to The Village at Creekside guideline document. That guideline describes that the colors and materials used in the development would “reflect a general theme of environmental harmony with the surrounding region and neighborhood character. The architectural color palette for each style historically shares this ‘common sense’ approach to the use of materials and colors indigenous to the region. New interpretations of these classic combinations of materials and inherent colors will be allowed if they relate to the general feeling of neighborhood unity.”

Lighting standards in development review districts require that all lighting fixtures are shielded and directed downward, with the submittal meeting requirements.

The final plan differs from the initial concept plan submitted in 2017 in regards to the dimension between the building and property line; the concept plan showed 41 feet of space between them, and the final plan calls for 17-28 feet. The plan does comply with open space requirements, and open space features in the plan include the Corn Crib, open concrete patio, and walkway along the west side of the building facing the creek.

The plan involves shared parking areas for Lot 1 and Lot 2, which recently had its final plan for “The Granary,” a two-phase development, with two buildings with individual suites planned in the first phase, with an additional two buildings to be added at a later phase. The staff report describes that Lot 1 plans to have 24-parking stalls constructed. The zoning ordinance requires 42 parking stalls for the 4,200-square-foot restaurant, so the request would allow Lot 1 to utilized 18 stalls on Lot 2 to meet the requirement. Lot 2 plans to have 56 stalls constructed, with the zoning ordinance requiring it to have 36 stalls for the office/retail use on Lot 2. Therefore, 18 of the stalls on Lot 2 could be used for Lot 1, and the Shared Parking Agreement follows the minimum off-street parking requirements in the city’s zoning ordinance.

The commission unanimously approved the recommendation, and the request now moves before the Spearfish City Council. Commissioners Toby Bordewyk and Dan Green were absent.

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