SAN FRANCISCO (AP) _ A corpse found at a survivalist's grisly mountain compound apparently was that of a white woman, about 30 years old, who had not been among 22 people already linked to the case, authorities say.

Calaveras County Coroner Terry Parker, who released some details of the identification on Monday, said the woman was from out of state, but he declined to reveal her name until he notified her family.

Parker said the body is not that of any of four missing women believed to have crossed paths with Leonard Lake or his alleged accomplice, fugitive Charles Chitat Ng.

The remains of six people and 45 pounds of human bone have been found at the site since police began searching the hilly retreat after Lake's arrest on June 2. He killed himself in police custody by swallowing a cyanide pill.

Investigators said Monday they are ready to demolish a bunker they believe served as a torture chamber for some of the 22 dead or missing people they have associated with Lake.

Deputy Chief Joseph Lordan said an infrared camera would be used later this week to scan the property, 150 miles east of San Francisco. The device, lent by the U.S. Justice Department, is capable of detecting and reproducing on film areas of heat - such as a bodies decomposing in the ground, he said.

It won't turn up skeletons, he noted.

Since Lake died, teams of local, state and federal authorities have worked for up to 18 hours a day, investigating the area where Lake apparently planned to carry out ''Operation: Miranda,'' a scheme to survive a nuclear attack that authorities say included the sexual domination of women.

The property is owned by Lake's ex-wife, Claralyn Balazs and her father, Louis Balazs. Police say neither is a suspect, although officers searched the home they share last week.

Authorities, who still don't know the extent of the crimes at the retreat, are hoping Ng can help them solve the riddles.

An international manhunt is under way for the 24-year-old ex-Marine who is seen and heard abusing women on videotapes found on the property.

Ng is believed heavily armed and is said to have vowed not to be taken alive. He is wanted on state and federal warrants that include charges of kidnapping, false imprisonment and burglary.