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Repairs to begin at Stamford Train Station parking garage

May 2, 2019

STAMFORD — With the parking garage at the Stamford Train Station in major disrepair, state officials are hoping to begin to remedy some of the structure’s failings starting next month.

Work will begin in June to repair missing steel toecaps and protruding bolts on stairs, and refill and seal cracks on the newer portion of the garage.

Richard Jankovich, assistant rail administrator for the state Department of Transportation, said the work is expected to be completed by November.

“We’re going in to get it done,” he said, at meeting of the Connecticut Commuter Rail Council on Wednesday. “There’s a very aggressive schedule.”

Vincenzo Capasso, president of contractor Frank Capasso & Sons, Inc., gave a brief presentation on the work that is scheduled for the garage.

After repairing the stairwell on the newer garage — the 1,200-spot “L” shaped structure that wraps around the original parking facility — the contractor will replace joints between concrete panels and seal it with protective coating.

Currently, many of the joints have deteriorated, creating areas of loose concrete. Additionally, the sealant material between the slabs has faded. The main part of the project is protecting the concrete, which will be done by applying an epoxy “healer/sealer,” to fill cracks. The final step is spreading a heavy-duty waterproof deck coating on the roof.

The first phase of work, which will take roughly one month, will focus on the 200 stair covers located in the stairwell of the newer garage, which exits to Station Place.

The following phase will result in a total of 80 parking spaces out of service. That includes 40 spots on the roof and 40 spaces directly below. That’s because the floor underneath the roof will be closed off because of minor debris falling from the roof.

The last three months of the work will be the most disruptive, with up to 140 parking spots taken out of service for long stretches.

The entire project is expected to start June 3 and end Nov. 15, if all goes to plan.

Weather could throw a giant wrench into those plans, however, since precipitation of any kind will slow down the work on the exposed roof of the garage.

Signage will be placed throughout the garage to let commuters know about the repairs. There will also be two-week look-ahead notifications on the DOT website.

For comments or concerns, send messages to STCinfo@fusco.com.

The state also has plans to build a brand new 960-spot parking garage on South State Street that will replace lost spots in the existing garage. That is scheduled to open in 2022.


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