Cleveland Rotary’s tourney ends in wins for local teams

March 5, 2018 GMT

The softball and baseball fields at Cleveland ISD were a hub of activity this week as the Cleveland Rotary Club hosted its 34th Annual Baseball and Softball Tournament. Every year, the Club holds the tourney to raise funds for its worthy causes and this year a portion of the funds will go toward the “Don’t Meth With Me” program, according to Ernestine Belt, New Generations Chair for the Cleveland Rotary Club.

Don’t Meth with Me is designed to teach young students the dangers of using methamphetamine. The Cleveland Rotary Club sponsors the program at Cleveland and Tarkington schools.


Funding will also go toward Rotary Youth Leadership Academy and scholarships for local students.

The tournament ended Saturday with the Cleveland Indians and the Tarkington Longhorns each leaving with one win and two losses.

The Cleveland Indians played their first game against the Coldspring-Oakhurst Trojans on March 1. The Trojans won with a powerful 14-4 victory.

The next game for the Indians was held on March 2 against the Onalaska Wildcats. The teams were tied 4-4 at the end of the fourth inning. However, Tyler Jones, Devin Leal and Hunter Allen each scored runs during the fifth inning, which contributed to a 7-4 lead. The Wildcats didn’t score another run for the rest of the game.

Coach Earl Campbell says a win feels good for the team after taking control of the game and improving upon their pitching.

“We minimized our mistakes tonight,” he said. “We felt we were going to come into it pretty strong.”

The third and final game held on March 3 had the Indians fighting against the Westbury Christian Wildcats.

The Wildcats kept control of the with nine runs throughout its seven innings. However, at the bottom of Leal and Bryce Burch scored a couple of runs for the Indians at the bottom of the seventh inning. The Wildcats took out the Indians before any more runs could be scored and won the game 9-2.

Campbell commended the pitcher from the Wildcats, which he believes contributed to the loss.

“We just didn’t get it done,” he said. “We’re still just not there consistently.”

The Indians made too many errors, according to Campbell, while also giving up too many runs. He is still optimistic over what the season has in store for the team.

“I’m still optimistic,” he said. “I still feel pretty good about our chances.”


The Longhorns played against the Woodlands Christian Academy Warriors on March 1. While the Longhorns held a 5-4 lead in the sixth inning, the Warriors turned the game around in the seventh with a 6-5 win.

“We just didn’t make enough plays,” said Longhorns Coach Ken McCarther. “They’re a good team.”

The Westbury Christian Wildcats challenged the Longhorns during the second game on March 2. However, the Wildcats weren’t quite so lucky and lost to the Longhorns 11-8.

The final game pit the Longhorns against the Trojans on March 3. The Trojans held a 6-2 lead until the seventh inning when Cole McLawchlin and Trevor Comstock scored two more runs for the Longhorns. However, the team was taken out before it could make a last inning comeback and lost 6-4.

McCarther says the Longhorns have a lot to clean up in their game if they are to be ready for the baseball season especially with defense.

“We just need to make one or two more plays a game,” he said. “That’s just what it’s coming down to.”

The Trojans are co-champions with the Warriors for the Rotary Baseball Tournament.