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Poem: Veterans Day 2018

November 13, 2018 GMT

Today we celebrate Veterans Day

We are blessed to gather as one

In an outpouring of love and gratitude

To our country’s veterans.

Human beings who loved and left family and friends

To serve God and country

without thinking about where the sacrifice ends.

We have holes in our families

And holes in our hearts

For the lives and the destruction of these young men and women who gave their all

Because of love of their country and they answered the call.

The thread that binds us today is love

For them, for us and each other.

Robots, mechanics and technology will never replace

the hope and prayers and

love that marks the service of our Veterans.

And we must never forget their gifts to us here at home.

Their dedication

to our nation

And to us was and is pure.

Thank you for protecting us,

With your gifts of years, life, limbs, minds and hearts.

And thank God for this day of remembrance and gratitude for the love of country, for the bravery and service of our veterans.

May God bless America —

and us all.