AP PHOTOS: Wuhan a city in slumber before the lockdown's end

April 8, 2020 GMT

WUHAN, China (AP) — Wuhan was released from coronavirus lockdown on Wednesday, and it’s as if the Chinese city where the pandemic started late last year has awakened from a long slumber.

For more than two months, the once-bustling city of 11 million people was all but silent. Its borders were sealed, businesses closed and communities kept behind barriers.

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During the 76-day lockdown, Wuhan’s residents seemed to live in a crepuscular world of neither night nor day, with time passing slowly, each day blurring into the next.

Now, residents of central China’s largest city are eager to reawaken and for life to flow back to its streets and factories.


It’s a cycle many places will experience as the coronavirus sweeps through.