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Patrick Schwarzenegger’s father inspired son to quit marijuana

April 22, 2019 GMT

Patrick Schwarzenegger’s dad Arnold inspired him to quit smoking marijuana.

The ‘Midnight Sun’ star has revealed how his famous father convinced him to stop smoking pot and instead focus on being “high on life”.

He wrote on Instagram: “FUN STORY: Few years ago (4 exactly) showed up lil high to Easter brunch... classic. My old man asked why... said “I dunno makes thing more fun”. He replied how much more fun do you need to have, life is so good. I’m high on life. I never want anything that would take me out of my current life. Being high on life is better then anything else. Long story short... Haven’t smoked since then... just HIGH ON LIFE NOW! Happy & healthy & can’t thank god enough to see another day! (sic)”

Meanwhile, Patrick previously insisted he doesn’t feel “pressured” by his parents’ fame.

He said: “I don’t feel any pressure. I’m blessed that my parents come from different backgrounds. It’s moulded me into who I am, and the lessons that I’ve learned from them, and the inspiration that they’ve been for me ... Ultimately, I do want to make my own name and be my own person and not just, you know, ‘That Kennedy kid,’ or, ‘Oh, that’s Arnold’s kid’ or something like that. Both are amazing things to be known for, but I want to be successful on my own terms, and give back in my own ways.”

And when asked what career advice his famous father has given him, he added: “My dad is always saying, ‘Never listen to the naysayers.’ He came from another country with 20 bucks in his pocket and climbed the ladder of success. It gives me determination to become my own person - not just his son - and make a name for myself.”