Trump campaign releases national TV ad as ‘closing sale’ for GOP candidates

October 29, 2018 GMT

The Trump campaign released a $6 million national TV ad Monday for Republican candidates in the midterm election, arguing that the country can’t afford to turn back from economic progress.

The 60-second ad, one of the campaign’s biggest expenditures of the cycle, features a working suburban mother who decides to vote Republican because the nation has emerged from tough times and she feels optimistic for her family’s future.

She notes in the ad “how far we’ve come” now that “things are starting to change,” but warns that “the future worth fighting for is not guaranteed.”

Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale said the ad “makes the closing sale to the American people to support GOP candidates in the midterm election.”

“The message conveys optimism in the direction of our country and offers a vivid warning that only by electing Republicans on November 6 can we ‘choose the right future’ for our children,” Mr. Parscale said. “It speaks to all Americans to get out and vote for the GOP so President Trump’s booming economy and inspirational changes for hardworking American families can continue in the long run.”