Firm becomes Frame Design Co.

November 28, 2018 GMT

Goodbye Grace Home Design, hello Frame Design Co.

Today the business that Jennifer Prugh Visosky founded 15 1/2 years ago takes a new name, a rebranding that involves a new logo, a new website (FrameDesignCo.com) and a new tagline, “Honest Spaces, Obsessive Process.”

“Something inspired me at the beginning of 2018 that we needed a new iteration,” Visosky said.

Frame Design Co., located on Alpine Lane, is a three-woman team of Visosky, lead designer Kate Swanson and marketing and office manager Lindsey Davis.

The rebranding reflects the firm’s evolution from decorative design in its early days to full-scale interior architecture and design today.


“The business I’ve built has changed so much in terms of my style, expertise and the levels of projects we’re taking,” Visosky said. “I didn’t feel the brand was wholly representative of the direction we’re taking.”

Visosky has a degree from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh but is mostly self-taught. Over the years, she said, “I learned a tremendous amount being on the jobsite. Just the information alone and being able to speak ‘builder’ and speak ‘architect’ has definitely changed how I can do business.

“It’s being able to do more of the interior architecture component of design — way more than the decorative process,” she said. “We can strip down to the studs and do everything from lighting to kitchen and bathroom design. It’s definitely more of a full-scale offering than what we were in the first five years of business.”

At the firm’s birth Visosky started on a few projects right out of the gate. “Grace” was a word she loved, she said, so she went with that and never really developed a brand.

“I just picked a name and ran with it,” she said.

For this year’s image overhaul Visosky tapped the expertise of Honor Creative, a Nashville, Tennessee, company.

“I haven’t done a lot of marketing in 15 years,” she said. “Business has been referral. I felt it was time to have kind of a rebirth.”

The word “frame” works on several levels, including the idea of the frame of a house and the concept of framing each job as a collaborative process.

“We provide the framework to elevate the project and get our clients excited and get a design team that really pulls out our clients’ personal style,” Visosky said.

“It’s not just putting beautiful things in a home,” she said, “but it’s the energy created. People walk in and know who lives there.”

Visosky said her firm treats every project as a clean slate — there’s no “formula” — and works as a team with clients, architects and builders.


“I’m inspired by the energy that our clients give, the culture I’ve created in the office and the level of excitement we feel when we’re all connected and going in on the process,” Visosky said. “I’m inspired by the contractors and architects that really execute the vision.”

She described the firm’s finished projects as “approachable but playful, sophisticated” with “layers of personality” created with lighting, textures and style.

Rebranding isn’t cheap, though Visosky declined to quote a dollar amount for print.

Is it risky for a business to change its name? No, she said. It’s her experience that people know her more as Jennifer Prugh Visosky than as Grace Home Design. And the old name caused some confusion.

“We have people call here once a week and ask for Grace,” Visosky said.

Frame Design Co. will make itself known through direct marketing, print advertising, a newsletter and a “huge push” on social media, including Facebook and Instagram (@FrameDesignCo).

“We’ve spent a lot of time to hit all the channels to be as clear and concise as we can be,” Visosky said. “I’m a big believer in images.”