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CuriousCT takes a look at the environment

April 10, 2019 GMT

In the next round of voting, CuriousCT turns to the environment. Go to bit.ly/CuriousCT and vote on which of these three questions you’d like us to answer:

Which coastal towns are preparing for climate change? How is climate change affecting our shoreline? What are our local and state elected officials doing to help residents prepare for the effects of climate?What really happens to all the material gathered in our recycling barrels? Since China no longer accepts plastic, where does everything in the “single stream” go?Why do plant nurseries keep selling plants that are known to be invasive — Japanese barberry, honeysuckle, vinca, euonymus? They say that some cultivars are “sterile” but the science isn’t there.


After the voting closes next week, we will set out to answer the questions with the most votes. You can read past CuriousCT articles and also suggest questions at bit.ly/CuriousCT.