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Christmas: An exciting time of year

December 4, 2018 GMT

Christmas has always been an exciting time around my house.

It always starts with the day my brothers, my mom and I make the trek upstairs to retrieve the many overflowing boxes of ornaments, statues, nativity sets and, of course, the Christmas tree.

Ever since we were little, there has always been an unspoken tradition between my brothers and I that, as we unload the variety of heavy boxes on the living room floor, we slowly erect a mini fort in the middle of the room.

Although this stronghold will only last until mom decides she finally needs the box of ornaments we used for a cornerstone, we have used our precious fort for anything from Nerf wars to a place to hide from having to dust off the shelves to make room for another nativity set.


I also remember how we liked to use the empty Christmas tree box as a sarcophagus to surprise unsuspecting visitors.

I have very fond memories of this tradition, but now that my brothers and I are in high school or college, it has sadly died out. However, it will always be one of my favorite traditions that somehow, someday, I would like to pass on to my children.