Former president of Freeman High fundraising group arrested on charges of theft

November 2, 2018 GMT

The former president and treasurer of a nonprofit dedicated to raising funds for Freeman High School was arrested Thursday for allegedly stealing more than $6,000 from the group’s bank account to spend on personal items.

Tara L. Profit, 36, is facing charges of first-degree theft, according to a news release from the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office. Profit was the past president and treasurer of the Freeman School District Combined Parent-Teacher Student Group.

In May, while she still held her position with the group, Profit stopped giving the board members bank statements, the news release stated.

In August, board members confronted her, but she “refused to answer” and “wrote the number ‘245’ on a piece of paper.” They asked her if that meant there was only $245 in their account. Profit said that was accurate, but blamed the low amount on overspending during the previous school year.

A board member later had a text conversation with Profit, in which Profit said the group’s bank had “made a mistake” in charging the account for personal charges instead of Profit’s own account, the news release stated.

Members of the board contacted the group’s bank and found that Profit had allegedly spent money on unauthorized purchases, had changed the address to her personal address and had ordered a debit card.

Court documents showed she spent money at Nordstrom, Costco and American Eagle. The total amounted to $6,275.35.

The board members then alerted the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office and voted to strip Profit of her position.

In late August, Profit repaid $5,200 to the group.