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Kauai bettas win rosettes at Florida show

November 7, 2016 GMT

PUHI — Liz Hahn of Kauai Bettas could not be happier with the rosettes she received from the First Coast Bettas show in Florida recently.

Sanctioned by the International Betta Congress, the show results have a bearing on Hahn’s standings, where she currently sits at No. 2 in the world.

“I almost didn’t have fish to send to this show,” Hahn said. “I just got back from a trip to South America, and I couldn’t believe what happened to my fish. Somehow, the door had gotten open and a lot of the fish were victims of the Westside heat.”

Feeding the fish was not a problem during her absence because the fish can live a while without eating.

Undaunted, Hahn put together a handful of fish for entry into the Florida contest. Hahn earned three first-place rosettes, two in the Longfin Half Moon Singletail and one for Shortfin Singletail, including a Traditional Form Female.

She also received seven second-place rosettes, and placed second in the Doubletail and the Shortfin Singletail divisions.