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Co-Workers Turn In Woman Identified As Murder Suspect

February 28, 1992 GMT

ROLLINGWOOD, Texas (AP) _ Her co-workers knew her as Amy. But when they saw her on television this week, it was as Cheryl Lee Holland, the fugitive murder suspect featured on ″Unsolved Mysteries.″

They called police, and Ms. Holland, who had been working at a gas station under the alias Amy Elizabeth Foerster, was arrested.

Police said she was booked on two murder counts for the deaths of her aunt and uncle last March in Lewis Chapel Mountain, Tenn.

″We knew her as Amy. She always was a friendly person. We only have two gas stations in town so we frequented there a lot,″ Rollingwood police Chief Roger Dean said.


Dean said Ms. Holland was arrested within three hours of Wednesday night’s NBC broadcast and she immediately acknowledged being the fugitive.

He said one of his officers went to the gas station where she worked ″and said, ‘Are you Cheryl Holland?’ and she said yes. She was absolutely cooperative.″

Ms. Holland had left Tennessee after the killings, Dean said. He added, ″Nobody knew if she was hiding or if she had been kidnapped.″

Ms. Holland, 27, worked in the store at Broaddus Chevron since late last summer, manager Shaw Pidani said.

″I was real surprised. I couldn’t believe she would hurt anybody. She was one of the most dependent, honest employees I’ve ever had. I’ve even gotten calls from people who liked her a lot,″ Pidani said.