Couple celebrate 49th wedding anniversary with donation to Goodfellows

November 26, 2018 GMT

Mary Ann and Jerry Strasheim will celebrate 50 years of marriage next month. They have spent much of that time traveling.

“The only place we haven’t been, really, is China,” Mary Ann said.

Last year, they planned a holiday cruise through the Panama Canal but had to cancel when a fall put Jerry in rehab.

So Mary Ann chose to celebrate their marriage with a donation to Goodfellows — $490 for their 49th anniversary.

Goodfellows, The World-Herald’s charity, dates back to the late 1880s. All donated funds go directly to those in need.

Even before the Strasheims married, they traveled a lot — primarily over the road. They met in 1967, when Jerry, a judge, lived in Omaha, and Mary Ann lived in North Platte. He visited North Platte each month for bankruptcy hearings, and she would travel to Lincoln to see Jerry and attend Husker football games.


They have taken cruises and an overseas trip almost every year. Since Jerry entered rehab, they have been reliving the memories they have made across the globe.

Mary Ann kept copies of letters she sent about the trips.

“In the evening (in rehab), I would just sit and read to him,” she said. “We could talk about them. It just brought back all the good times.”

Mary Ann’s travels started before she opened her travel agency, Custom Cruises & Travel, in 1998. For nearly 70 years beginning in 1913, Mary Ann’s family had an annual tradition of meeting on a Florida beach where her grandparents lived.

“The favorite (trip), I suppose, is the one we’re on,” she said.