Texas AP Broadcasters radio, TV awards presented in Austin

April 22, 2018 GMT

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Winners of the 2017 Texas Associated Press Broadcasters contest were announced Saturday night during a banquet at the Headliners Club in Austin.

Thirty-seven TV stations and 11 radio stations submitted 789 entries in the contest. A list of winners can be found at: http://discover.ap.org/contests/texas-broadcast .

The Associated Press is a not-for-profit news cooperative representing 1.400 newspapers and 5,000 broadcast stations in the United States.




TAPB-Freedom of Information Foundation of Texas Award: KBTX-TV, Bryan-College Station, “Tommy Wallis Investigation.”

Jordan-Flaherty Award 2017: KDFW-TV, Dallas.


Overall Excellence-Television: KHOU-TV, Houston.


Overall Excellence-Radio: KUT-FM, Austin.



Commentary-Editorial: 1. Randy Beamer, WOAI-TV, San Antonio, “San Antonio’s Voice”; 2. Bob Ballou, KEYE-TV, Austin, “What Ballou Me Away.”

Feature (Light): 1. Marvin Hurst and Michael Humphries, KENS-TV, San Antonio, “We Don’t Want to Let It Die”; 2. Greg T. Johnson and Jobin Panicker, WFAA-TV, Dallas-Fort Worth, “Amen.”

Investigative Report: 1. Charlotte Huffman and Mark Smith, WFAA-TV, Dallas-Fort Worth, “Criminal Caretakers”; 2. KHOU-TV, Houston, “Holding for Help.”

Photojournalism-Station: 1. KHOU-TV, Houston; 2. KENS-TV, San Antonio, “Un Año Negro y Azul.”

Photojournalism-Individual: 1. Michael Botsford, WFAA-TV, Dallas-Fort Worth, “A Year in Images”; 2. Kyle Porter, KHOU-TV, Houston, “Portervision.”

Sports Story: 1. Daniel Gotera and Mike Orta, KHOU-TV, Houston, “Fishing with an Angel”; 2. Bob Ballou and Anthony Geronimo, KEYE-TV, Austin, “Copeland Strong.”

Documentary/Magazine or Special: 1. KXAN-TV, Austin, “Fallen”; 2. KHOU-TV, Houston, “Missing Pieces.”

Series: 1. KHOU-TV, Houston, “Selling Girls”; 2. KXAN-TV, Austin, “Fallen.”

Specialty or Beat Reporting: 1. Scott Noll, KHOU-TV, Houston, “Investigating After Harvey”; 2. Ryan Wolf, KABB-TV, San Antonio, “Cash for Kindness.”

Reporter: 1. Foti Kallergis, KTRK-TV, Houston, “What a Year!”; 2. Bettie Cross, KEYE-TV, Austin, “There’s No Such Thing as too Much Natural Sound.”


General Assignment: 1. Tanya Eiserer and Brandon Mowry, WFAA-TV, Dallas-Fort Worth, “So Much Pain”; 2. Stef Manisero and Robert Vaughn, Spectrum News-TV, Austin, “Sign Says Open.”

Sportscast: 1. Spectrum News-TV, Austin, “Sports Night.”

Continuing Coverage: 1. Sandra Ibarra and Emily Baucum, WOAI-TV, San Antonio, “Deadly Church Bus Crash”; 2. Scott Noll and Stephanie Kuzydym, KHOU-TV, Houston, “Hurricane Harvey Investigations.”

Digital: 1. KPRC-TV, Houston; 2. WFAA-TV, Dallas-Fort Worth.

Deadline Editing: General News: 1. Brian Bell and Bettie Cross, KEYE-TV, Austin, “Living Small”; 2. Brian Bell and Melanie Torre, KEYE-TV, Austin, “Organized Chaos.”

Feature Editing: General News: 1. Kyle Porter, KHOU-TV, Houston; 2. Bill Carruthers, KPRC-TV, Houston.

Online/Special Content: 1. WFAA-TV, Dallas-Fort Worth, “7/7 The Mobile Experience”; 2. KENS-TV, San Antonio, “Ingram Square Fire: A Hero Dies, a Suspected Arsonist Speaks.”

Sports Anchor or Anchor Team: 1. Mike Barnes, KVUE-TV, Austin, “Barnestorming.”

Sports Special: 1. Daniel Gotera and Mike Orta, KHOU-TV, Houston, “Pearland Oilers”; 2. Or Moyal and Dale Hansen, WFAA-TV, Dallas-Fort Worth.

Weathercast: 1. Chikage Windler, KEYE-TV, Austin, “Tracking Harvey”; 2. Jim Spencer, KXAN-TV, Austin, “Tracking Harvey.”

Morning Newscast: 1. KHOU-TV, Houston; 2. Jennifer Luna and Josh Larson, KABB-TV, San Antonio, “Firefighter Dies Fighting Strip Mall Fire Overnight.”

Daytime Newscast: 1. Roxanne Gass and Lorrie Cook, KABB-TV, San Antonio; 2. Katie Kreider, KEYE-TV, Austin, “Lawmakers Ambushed.”

News Anchor or Anchor Team: 1. Kristopher Gutierrez, KXAS-TV, Fort Worth, “Gutz & Boots”; 2. Chris Saldana, KEYE-TV, Austin.

Spot Coverage-Station: 1. KPRC-TV, Houston, “Hurricane Harvey: Days of Devastation”; 2. KVUE-TV, Austin, “UT Stabbing.”

Spot Story-Individual: 1. Brandi Smith and Mario Sandoval, KHOU-TV, Houston, “A Trucker’s Rescue”; 2. Courtney Schoenemann and German Cortez, KEYE-TV, Austin, “That’s What Neighbors are for.”

Feature (Serious): 1. Stef Manisero and Robert Vaughn, Spectrum News-TV, Austin, “Adaptation”; 2. Tanya Eiserer and Michael Botsford, WFAA-TV, Dallas-Fort Worth, “Family Secret.”

Newscast: 1. Alicia Guerrero and Evan Henson, WOAI-TV, San Antonio, “Sutherland Springs Church Massacre”; 2. Jessica Headley and Ryan Wolf, KABB-TV, San Antonio, “Las Vegas Massacre.”



Feature (Light): 1. Bobby Schuyler and Adam Schumes, KIDY-TV, San Angelo, “Juddy -- Fighter”; 2. Lonnie Valencia and Samantha Lewis, KFOX-TV, El Paso, “Boyd Sanatoriam.”

Investigative Report: 1. Angel San Juan and Drue Barrilleaux, KFDM-TV, Beaumont, “Harvey 911 Calls”; 2. Christian Von Preysing, KRGV-TV, Weslaco, “Life for Sale.”

Photojournalism-Individual: 1. Nick Bradshaw, KTXS-TV, Abilene; 2. Andrew Wood, KJTV-TV, Lubbock.

Sports Story: 1. Jessica Morrey, KCEN-TV, Temple, “V is for More Than Victory”; 2. Henry Ramos and Andrew Wood, KJTV-TV, Lubbock, “Frenship Homecoming-Nick’s Special Date.”

Documentary/Magazine or Special: 1. Steve Carmack, KBTX-TV, Bryan-College Station, “60 Years of KBTX”; 1. KWTX-TV, Waco, “Beyond the Story: The Rhett Revolution”; 2. Sylvia Villarreal and Matt Hines, KXXV-TV, Waco, “Remembering Jarrell: 20 Years Later.”

Series: 1. Stephanie Valle, KVIA-TV, El Paso, “Born Addicted”; 2. Genevieve Curtis and Juan Cazares, KFOX-TV, El Paso, “Becoming the Badge.”

Specialty or Beat Reporting: 1. DeAnn Lopez and Chris Duesler, KOSA-TV, Midland-Odessa, “Marine Boot Camp”; 2. Justin Earley and Clint Webb, KWTX-TV, Waco, “Central Texas Heroes”; 2. Tara Mergener and Clint Webb, KWTX-TV, Waco, “What’s your Story?”

Reporter: 1. Bill Churchwell, KIII-TV, Corpus Christi, “Covering the Coastal Bend”; 2. Tara Mergener, KWTX-TV, Waco, “Breaking News and Beyond.”

General Assignment: 1. Lonnie Valencia and Kezhal Dashti, KFOX-TV, El Paso, “Deadly Canal”; 2. DeAnn Lopez and Michael Rodriguez, KOSA-TV, Midland-Odessa, “Exclusive with Accused Killer.”

Sportscast: 1. Evan Nemec, KTXS-TV, Abilene; 2. Jessica Morrey, KCEN-TV, Temple.

Continuing Coverage: 1. KRIS-TV, Corpus Christi, “Hurricane Harvey Hits the Texas Coast”; 2. Bill Churchwell, KIII-TV, Corpus Christi, “Landfall.”

Digital: 1. Doug Myers and Jamie Burch, KTXS-TV, Abilene; 2. KXII-TV, Sherman.

Deadline Editing: General News: 1. Kathleen Serie, KWTX-TV, Waco, “Stolen Keepsakes Mysteriously Returned”; 2. Samuel A. Gauna, KRGV-TV, Weslaco, “Delia’s Tamales.”

Feature Editing: General News: 1. Senora Scott, KIDY-TV, San Angelo, “The Crucible-A Flight that Heals”; 2. Noelle Bellow, KBTX-TV, Bryan-College Station, “Love Always.”

Online/Special Content: 1. Leslie Aguilar and Amanda Alaniz, KRGV-TV, Weslaco, “Special Report: A Last Hope”; 2. Paul Livengood and Jillian Angeline, KCEN-TV, Temple, “Returning Fort Hood Soldier Surprises Kids at School.”

Sports Anchor or Anchor Team: 1. Jake Gadon, KOSA-TV, Midland-Odessa; 2. Kurtis Quillin, KCEN-TV, Temple.

Sports Special: 1. KBTX-TV, Bryan-College Station, “Aggie Gameday: Alabama”; 2. KRIS-TV, Corpus Christi, “District 30-5A High School Football Championship Game.”

Weathercast: 1. Brady Taylor, KWTX-TV, Waco; 2. Matt Hines, KXXV-TV, Waco, “New Year’s Eve Freeze.”

Morning Newscast: 1. KVIA-TV, El Paso; 2. KVIA-TV, El Paso.

Daytime Newscast: 1. KXII-TV, Sherman; 2. Julie Hays, KWTX-TV, Waco; 2. Julie Hays, KWTX-TV, Waco.

News Anchor or Anchor Team: 1. Stephania Jimenez, KRIS-TV, Corpus Christi; 2. Karla Castillo and Rusty Surette, KBTX-TV, Bryan-College Station.

Spot Coverage-Station: 1. KWTX-TV, Waco, “DPS Trooper Killed”; 2. KWTX-TV, Waco, “Hurricane Harvey.”

Spot Story-Individual: 1. Nick Bradshaw and Will Jensen, KTXS-TV, Abilene, “Right Before our Eyes”; 2. Angelo Vargas, KRGV-TV, Weslaco, “Traveling Troubles.”

Feature (Serious): 1. Patricia Maese and Oscar Almaraz, KDBC-TV, El Paso, “Hiding in Plain Sight- the Desiree Skaf Story”; 1. Julie Hays and Jim Peeler , KWTX-TV, Waco, “Fixer Upper Honors Veteran”; 2. Taina Maya , KWTX-TV, Waco, “Harvey Heroes”; 2. Erika Castillo and Oscar Almaraz, KFOX-TV, El Paso, “Skyjacked.”

Newscast: 1. KVIA-TV, El Paso; 2. Chris Rogers, KCEN-TV, Temple.



Commentary-Editorial: 1. David Brown, KUT-FM, Austin.

Spot News by a Reporter: 1. L.P. Phillips, KRLD-AM/FM, Dallas, “Paramedic Shooting”; 2. Cameron Fairchild, KRLD-AM/FM, Dallas, “Northlake College Shooting.”

Spot Coverage-Station: 1. KRLD-AM/FM, Dallas, “Northlake College Shooting.”

Use of Actuality-Production: 1. Mose Buchele, KUT-FM, Austin, “Turtle Funeral”; 2. Matt Largey, KUT-FM, Austin, “ATXplained Blue Flaps.”

General Assignment: 1. Becky Fogel, KUT-FM, Austin, “State Caseworkers Navigate Risks”; 2. Syeda Hasan, KUT-FM, Austin, “Criminal Background Housing.”

Sports Story or Sports Series: 1. Jimmy Maas, KUT-FM, Austin, “Refugio Homecoming”; 2. Michael Marks, KUT-FM, Austin, “Astros Win World Series.”

Continuing Coverage: 1. KUT-FM, Austin, “Hurricane Harvey”; 2. Stella Chavez, KERA-FM, Dallas, “Muslim Prayer Room.”

Digital: 1. Stephanie Federico and Andrew Weber, KUT-FM, Austin; 2. KERA-FM, Dallas.

Feature (Serious): 1. Christopher Connelly, KERA-FM, Dallas, “Just a Piece of Plastic: Bump Stocks Thrust Tiny Texas Town in Spotlight After Las Vegas”; 2. Bill Zeeble, KERA-FM, Dallas, “They’re Breaking the Law and Using Marijuana, but they Want to Help Their Daughter.”

Feature (Light): 1. Matt Largey, KUT-FM, Austin, “Hippie Hollow”; 2. Dennis Foley, KTSA-AM/FM, San Antonio, “Whataburger Grinch Returns.”

Online/Special Content: 1. KERA-FM, Dallas, “Artist Spotlight”; 2. KERA-FM, Dallas, “One Crisis Away: No Place to Go.”

News Anchor or Anchor Team: 1. KLIF-AM/FM, Dallas; 2. Don Morgan, KTSA-AM/FM, San Antonio.

Reporter: 1. Christopher Connelly, KERA-FM, Dallas; 2. Stephanie Kuo, KERA-FM, Dallas.

Investigative Report: 1. KERA-FM, Dallas, “One Crisis Away: No Place to Go”; 2. Audrey McGlinchy, KUT-FM, Austin, “Buying Up 12th Street.”

Documentary: 1. Audrey McGlinchy, KUT-FM, Austin, “A Cousin’s Mission to Say all the Things David Joseph Couldn’t.”

Series: 1. Joy Diaz, KUT-FM, Austin, “Help Wanted - Get Out”; 2. KERA-FM, Dallas, “One Crisis Away: No Place to Go.”

Specialty or Beat Reporting: 1. Jerome Weeks, KERA-FM, Dallas; 2. Mose Buchele, KUT-FM, Austin.

Sports Play-by-Play: 1. Brian Estridge, WBAP-AM/FM, Dallas.

Best Local Talk Show: 1. KUT-FM, Austin, “Me too in Texas Politics”; 2. KERA-FM, Dallas, “Think: The Texas Church Shootings.”

Newscast: 1. Marlee McCormick, WBAP-AM/FM, Dallas; 2. KRLD-AM/FM, Dallas.



Spot Coverage-Station: 1. WTAW-AM, College Station, “Hurricane Harvey.”

Use of Actuality-Production: 1. George Hale and Jerrod Knight, KETR-FM, Commerce, “Buried”; 2. Scott Morgan, KETR-FM, Commerce, “Does Texas Have a Hog Problem? Yes. So How did we Get Here?”

General Assignment: 1. Mark Haslett, KETR-FM, Commerce, “Commerce Water: What do Those Postcards Mean?”; 2. Mark Haslett, KETR-FM, Commerce, “Norris Residents: Sidewalks, Ivory Moore Park Essential to Revitalization.”

Continuing Coverage: 1. WTAW-AM, College Station, “Hurricane Harvey”; 2. Bill Oliver, WTAW-AM, College Station, “Bryan/College Station Convention and Visitors Bureau.”

Digital: 1. Mark Haslett and Jerrod Knight, KETR-FM, Commerce; 2. KURV-AM, McAllen.

Feature (Serious): 1. Scott Morgan, KETR-FM, Commerce, “What Conservative Women Say (and Don’t) About Sexual Harassment”; 2. Tom Turbiville, WTAW-AM, College Station, “Vet’s Reunion.”

Feature (Light): 1. Scott Morgan, KETR-FM, Commerce, “Does Texas Have a Hog Problem? Yes. So How did we Get Here?”; 2. Bill Oliver, WTAW-AM, College Station, “Rosie the Riveter Statue Dedication.”

Sportscast: 1. Zach Taylor, WTAW-AM, College Station; 2. Taylor Travis, WTAW-AM, College Station.

Reporter: 1. Bill Oliver, WTAW-AM, College Station; 2. Chelsea Reber, WTAW-AM, College Station.

Investigative Report: 1. George Hale, KETR-FM, Commerce, “Buried.”

Specialty or Beat Reporting: 1. George Hale, KETR-FM, Commerce, “Environment and Development”; 2. Bill Oliver, WTAW-AM, College Station, “College Station City Council.”

Sports Anchor or Anchor Team: 1. Jared Taylor and BJ Laudermilk, KETR-FM, Commerce.

Sports Play-by-Play: 1. John Mark Dempsey and Kevin Jefferies, KETR-FM, Commerce.

Best Local Talk Show: 1. WTAW-AM, College Station, “The Infomaniacs-College Station School Rebranding”; 2. WTAW-AM, College Station, “The Infomaniacs-Hurricane Harvey.”

Newscast: 1. Chelsea Reber, WTAW-AM, College Station; 2. Bill Oliver, WTAW-AM, College Station.