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Three suspects charged in fatal shooting that led to standoff

April 17, 2019

MERIDIAN — Three suspects have been charged in connection to a Boise shooting Sunday night that killed a 19-year-old woman and injured two others on the Boise Bench. The investigation led to a standoff at a Meridian home Monday, where at least five people surrendered to police.

Twenty-year-old Anthony Joseph Alcala of Meridian was arrested Monday night and charged with second-degree murder and two counts of aggravated battery with the use of a deadly weapon, according to the Boise Police Department. Suspects Taja Ra McMurtrey-Winn, 22, and Jessica Lee Perez Timmons, 18, both of Boise, are charged with accessory to murder.

An altercation between two known parties took place before the shooting overnight, according to police. However, the motive is still unknown.

The shooting happened late Sunday night, at a residence near Palouse and South Owyhee streets, according to Boise police. Three people were shot, including 19-year-old Briana Martinez of Boise, who died of her wounds at Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center about a half-hour later, according to the Ada County Coroner’s Office.

Two other shooting victims remained hospitalized Monday in stable condition, according to Boise police. Their identities were not released.

Among those who called the police in the wake of the shooting was T.J. Jakush, who lives on the block where the shooting occurred. He’d just returned home from work, he told the Idaho Press Monday morning. He heard four or five shots, he estimated, as well as people screaming. He went to check on his child, who lives in the house with him and his wife, Katie, and then called 911.

He wasn’t the first to do so, he said. His neighbor had called, as well.

By about 8:30 a.m., an alley between Jakush’s house and another on the block had been cordoned off with yellow police tape, and a group of officers stood talking behind its reaches.

Early on in the investigation, police suspected the link to the house in the 2900 block of Lezana Avenue in Meridian, according to Meridian Deputy Police Chief Tracy Basterrechea. Boise police detectives worked with Meridian police, who watched the house for most of the day. Eventually, Basterrechea said, police found a vehicle at that house they say was involved in the shooting. That’s when they increased their presence in the area, he said, which happened about 2 p.m. Monday afternoon.

Not long after that, officers shut down a section of Meridian Road north of West Ustick Road, and blocked the entrance to the neighborhood using police vehicles and a fire engine. Five people had surrendered themselves to police, Basterrechea said Monday afternoon.

The scene had quieted by about 5:30 p.m.

The people who surrendered — some of whom were either witnesses or suspects in the Boise shooting, Basterrechea said — were detained at the Boise Police Department for questioning.

Scott Hoerning, who lives in the area, at first thought the commotion was due to a car crash. He heard the sirens, but it wasn’t until he made his way back from a trip to the gas station that he realized the situation was a standoff. He stood in the parking lot of Settlers Park across the street from the neighborhood and watched SWAT team members prepare, taking up guns and helmets as they crossed the park to the perimeter police established around the neighborhood.

“He’s definitely outnumbered,” Hoerning said of whoever was in the house.

It was a more aggressive scene than the one playing out on social media in the wake of the shooting, during which friends and family members of Martinez shared media reports of the shooting and broke the news to each other.

One of them was Alicia Chauncey, who met Martinez in 2017 at Victory Academy, a school designed to help juveniles on probation. While Martinez was on probation at the time, she does not appear to have been on probation currently, according to the Idaho Supreme Court’s online repository.

Chauncey, who was also a student at the school, had fond memories of Martinez.

“I was pregnant with my daughter, and (Martinez) would always hug me and rub my tummy,” Chauncey said in a message to the Idaho Press. “She was so positive every day.”

Kel Christine Ledward, whose son went to school with Martinez from the time the two were in middle school, remembered the girl had a “heart of gold.”

“She was an amazing young woman with an amazing future ahead of her,” Ledward wrote in a message to the Idaho Press. “She will be greatly missed.”

All three suspects are scheduled to be arraigned in court Tuesday, according to Boise Police.