Democracy needs local newspapers -- Marilyn Ross

May 3, 2018 GMT

Where do people get their news these days? We know that for democracy to succeed, we need to have educated people. So sources of information are of vital importance.

As more and more local newspapers disappear, people are turning to social media, CNN, MSNBC and FOX for their news. But are these news sources actually unbiased?

In addition to providing people with unbiased facts, local newspaper provide local news and information to help readers solve their own issues. They help people care about their community. People want to interact with people who live around them.

As local newspapers are fading away, there is a troubling void in publishing the voices, events and politics of local places.

So local journalists and newspapers need appreciation and support. I would encourage people not to cancel subscriptions. Newspapers and journalists are the foundation to a living democracy.

Marilyn Ross, Madison