Sharon Weber: Gambling with kids’ lives

March 20, 2019 GMT

The Arizona House just passed a bill on to the Senate that would allow parents (and others?) picking up children from school to access the school grounds with loaded weapons. So here is my question to the public.

Have you ever picked up a child from school and noticed an angry or inebriated person picking up their children? Before retiring, I worked in schools for 25 years. Public, private, and state schools. And I can assure you, stuff happens.

Most people are responsible, law-abiding citizens. But it only takes one person who is angry, off their meds, drunk, or suffering from severe depression or some other problem, to enter a school with a weapon, and we have a tragedy. The state Legislature, with HB 2693, is asking you to gamble your child’s safety, your grandchild’s safety, and the safety of the children who attend school with them on the premise that “things don’t happen.” They think in the event someone does go off the rails, other people with guns will protect your child. The possibilities are scary, life is unpredictable. My kids are grown and live in other states; my grandchildren attend schools where guns are not allowed. As much as I miss them, I am happy in the knowledge that their states do not have people in government willing to risk their lives to appease the gun lobby.

So what about you? Feel like gambling with the lives of Arizona’s children? With the lives of your children? If not, please contact Sen. Borrelli and Gov. Ducey today. Call or email them, and let them know our kids, our teachers, and school personnel are not pawns to be placed at risk.

Sharon Weber