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Drone X Pro Review – Is It Still Good?

May 23, 2020 GMT

When it comes to drones, you can find endless options. Quadcopter drones are the best ones in the latest trends. You can use them for industrial filming, landscape survey, or just for fun and adventure. This is the major reason why you can get drones of various shapes, sizes and prices. Some of the drones are ideal for pastime activities while others are appropriate for industrial filming. If you wish to buy one for yourself, then you should probably opt for Drone X Pro. It has a sleek and elegant design and is made of state-of-the-art features. When you use the drone, you will obtain a futuristic feel. If you are someone who is passionate about photography, then you are sure to find the features of this drone amusing.


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Technical features


DroneX Pro has a lightweight and attractive design. This is the major reason it is easy to carry around, particularly when the drone is folded. It fits in your palm. It is appropriate for outdoor usage and also for travel. When you opt for this drone model, you can disregard all other drone models that are heavy.

Foldable design

This is one amongst the best features that make the drone stand out from the regular ones. DroneX Pro has a collapsible joint, and so you can fold it easily between frames by holding the propellers and body. The propeller blades are very flexible and so you can take it around any way you want.


The onboard camera in this model has 12 megapixels. You can click pictures in HD resolution and record videos in 720P. This camera can be used for wide-angle shots as well. if you utilize panoramic mode, you can click around 3600 images in one click.

Flight time

This drone has decent flight time in comparison to other various pocket-sized models. With DroneX Pro, you can record for 10 minutes at least with a fully charged battery. The battery gets charged in about 70 minutes and if you require more flight time, you must keep standby batteries with you.


DroneX Pro provides you with superior stabilization algorithms. If you fly it in unstable conditions, it can still maintain the course considerably. You don’t need to gain any new skills to fly this drone. It possesses all the necessary features to help you make smoother and well-timed shots.



Due to the collapsible nature of the propellers, you can anticipate high durability from this drone. The exterior covering is pretty much strong and it has also proven to be highly resilient.

Control options

This drone has a remote control, however, you can control it using your smartphone as well. You are sure to feel more comfortable when you utilize a smartphone, particularly, when the drone is out of sight. This way, you can get synchronized feed about the location of the drone easily. You can use the remote control when you fly the drone in an open place and it is noticeable.

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Some additional features

This drone model is believed to be one amongst the ideal pocket-sized drones available today. You can land, control or fly it just by the press of a key. There are 2 LED lights situated near to the camera. They are quite helpful when you manage the drone in a dark atmosphere.

The greatest thing about DroneX Pro is that it can act in response to the gravity sensor located on the smartphone. You just need to press the gyroscope icon on the mobile application. You can tilt the smartphone and control the position of the drone easily, similar to that of playing a video game on the smartphone. Owing to the gravity sensors, this drone can provide you with seamless flying. If you possess virtual reality eyeglasses, you can connect the drone to it and possess an interactive experience. The drone’s front part becomes the equivalent of a remote control in headless mode, and this helps the drone to fly easily.

DroneX Pro-Range

DroneX Pro is anticipated to fly at a radius of 80m. You will never experience any kind of distraction and you can fly the drone without being concerned about dropping it somewhere or losing it. FPV speed is sustained within a 50 m radius.

DroneX Pro-Accessories

 When you purchase DroneX Pro, you will obtain certain accessories out of the box.

 You get 4 propeller blades. They are useful if the drone crashes and you require extra ones.

 You also get a storage bag to store the Drone X Pro so that you can avoid dust collection.

 The drone comes with the appropriate screwdriver for installing the propellers.

 It has a user manual, USB cable and 7V battery.

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DroneX Pro-Specifications

 The drone has Wi-Fi FPV and utilizes 2.4 GHz.

 It comprises of 3.7V 500 mAh Lipo battery and the drone is suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

 The drone is available in black color and it has a micro SD card slot and the charging time is 70 mins [roughly].

 The gyroscope is 6-axis and the flying time is around 7 to 10 mins.

 It can provide you with steady control in 80 to 100 m distance.

 50 m is the clear FPV distance.

 The DroneX Pro app supports Android and iPhone.

 The drone has LED lights.

The size of the drone is 12.57.55 cm and 2719.55 cm when the blades are folded.

If you are a photographer, a cinematographer or a lover of adventure and tech, then you are sure to find the DroneX Pro to be an incredible product. Read this review of DroneX Pro to know more and find out why you should probably consider buying one for yourself.

This drone is a newer version of Drone X. It has features that exceed the performance of the previous version and comes with an easy to use remote control which has 2 joysticks for directing the Drone X Pro. You can check the recording as you fly it, in your smartphone.

Why do you need this drone?

Produced by a brand that has an established reputation in the industry, this drone is a first-class quadcopter that is cheaper when compared to several other brands, yet possesses the best features for its cost. You can easily operate the device and steer it towards the sky. Unlike other products of the same sort, this drone has a battery that lasts for at least 12 minutes. With 19 meters/sec speed, Drone X Pro provides you with the opportunity to explore large areas in a short time.

The device weighs only 85g and is foldable as well. It also possesses features that most similar products don’t; automated lift-off and landing. You just need to push the auto-power button for the drone to lift-off and land on its own.

You possess the ability to steer and monitor everything that is happening up there in the sky. This drone can carry out impressive and stunning 360-degree loops. With a 120 frame-per-second rate, you can change the videos captured by the DroneX Pro into slow-motion ones while maintaining the quality.

Where to purchase it?

You can buy the drone through the website of the manufacturer. They are currently offering a discount of 50% on each order you make and so you might have to hurry and make the most of it, as soon as possible.

This drone was created by two German engineers who adore flying drones. They discovered that the regular drones are too heavy, bulky and are difficult to carry around when going for a trip, which provided them with the encouragement to create and build this compact drone, without having to sacrifice the major features. It is of the same size as your smartphone and pretty much easy to operate. This is the first of its kind drone that has been made for the global population.

No matter if you are looking to take impressive action shots in the outdoors or fly indoors, DroneX Pro is a vital item for any camera person who is out there to explore things. Professionals are of the opinion that the DroneX Pro might change the industry for good.

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If you are an amateur in drone flying, then this drone is the best option for you. If you plan to capture simple shots and videos with ease, then you should opt for Drone X Pro. In comparison to other drones, this one has better features and particularly a better camera. You will like it for its design, stability and user-friendliness. The majority of users like the scope provided by this drone. Other drones just offer a transmission range of 30 m while DroneX Pro offers you 50 m distance. You can use your smartphone to control the drone. You can also carry it in your pocket. If the drone happens to get caught in an accident, you can make use of the extra propeller blades.

Quadcopter drones are turning out to be more popular, nowadays, with several companies manufacturing them and setting up shops in various countries across the world. The drones have become quite valuable for professionals and nature lovers. But, with the rise in the number of drones being produced, finding one that suits your purpose can be a bit challenging.