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Ryncavage A Fresh Voice For Plymouth Council

May 13, 2019 GMT

Editor: The article about Plymouth Borough Council candidate Alec Ryncavage, a senior at Wyoming Valley West High School, was refreshing, especially as he is only 18 years old, which of course has raised some eyebrows (April 2). History, however, dictates a different prospective of talented youth. I cared for 18-, 19- and 20-year old wounded from the Vietnam war for the five years that I was in the U.S. Army — sometimes 17 if they lied about their age. No one gave a damn about their age — they were living and dying for their country — the same age as Alec Ryncavage, and the lucky were simply maimed for life. I know Alec personally from his friendship with my triplet sons. Alec is determined, mindful, responsible and appreciative and his youth and enthusiasm should be welcomed by the citizens of Plymouth. Let’s recall that Alexander the Great started to conquer the civilized world when he was 17, that Joan of Arc was 18 when she defeated the English Army and Audie Murphy, the most decorated soldier of the Second World War (including receiving the Medal of Honor), entered the war at age 17 and at the time he was an orphan himself, raising his likewise orphaned siblings before enlisting. As to Alec being a Republican, I am a lifelong Democrat, but I would welcome the fresh blood if I were on that council. Surely, on reflection of the above, Alec Ryncavage can function responsibly as a member of Plymouth town council at age 18, as did the aforementioned heroes in very trying circumstances. I suspect his political career will cast a long shadow well beyond Northeast Pennsylvania before it is all said and done. Dr. George E. Cimochowski WILKES-BARRE