Pathway, roads set to close

November 1, 2016 GMT

The arrival of November brings a number of seasonal closures in Jackson Hole, including roads, pathways and one visitor center.

Access in Grand Teton National Park west of the Snake River becomes more limited today.

The Moose-Wilson Road is closed, as well as the Teton Park Road between the Taggart Lake trailhead and Signal Mountain.

The Craig Thomas Visitor and Discovery Center in Moose, is now closed, and will not reopen until early March.

Multiuse pathways in Grand Teton remain open as long as conditions enable passage, as do sections of pathway that travel through most other portions of Teton County.

The Highway 89 pathway where it parallels the National Elk Refuge, however, is closed off for the season starting today. The closure is meant to protect migrating elk that are making their way to the refuge and are leery of humans.

“We have had some elk migration on the refuge,” spokeswoman Lori Iverson said, “though it’s been pretty limited and only in small groups.”

The reopening date of the Highway 89 pathway is flexible, and is based on when an estimated 2,500 elk remain on wildlife preserve.